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Neko Half Buckle Baby Size - Ishtar

Neko Half Buckle Baby Size - Ishtar Ishtar was the world’s first goddess of love and war. She represented fierce, strong, run away from her on the battlefield type of woman who is fully aware of her feminine power and confronts life boldly without fear of how she will be perceived by others. She was depicted with bird feet and wings so we thought our new woven pattern with feathers can be called “Ishtar”. Same colourway with Inanna but different pattern. Because while Ishtar comes from the Akkadian language, she was known as Inanna in Sumerian.
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A buckle carrier or a sling? If you could not decide here is a perfect option; Neko Half Buckle Sling!

Fully adjustable pannel width and height. 

Make sure your baby's knees (knee to knee, M shape) and head are supported at all times. 

Neko Half Buckle is suitable from newborn, 3.5kg/8lbs up to apprroximately 2-years