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Neko Switch Education Carrier

Neko Switch Education Carrier - White This product is only for babywearing professionals
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Vendor: NEKO

Dear babywearing processionals! 

We know sometimes how hard it is to show and describe a baby's position inside the carrier. Did you ever wished to have a transparent carrier? We hear you! 👂 
This carrier is totally made from mesh fabric and helps you to show the baby's M position and spine form to the parents that you consult. 

Product Features:

  • %50 cotton %50 polyester. 
  • This education carrier is made for professionals and never recommended to carry real babies. 
  • Pannel width: from 14 to 40 cm
  • Pannel height : from 29 to 41 cm
  • Belt measures:from 66 to145 cm
  • Machine Washable (cool)